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FPP have developed plug in replacement ECUs to support the first three generations of the rover V8.
4CU, 14CUX and GEMS versions are available through our partner Lloyd Specialist Developments who are able to provide fitting and mapping for a range of Rover V8 equipped vehicles.

All our Rover V8 units support the full feature set of FOME firmware allowing advanced fuel control and providing expandability beyond anything the OEM system could provide. 

All plug in ECUs support the standard sensors for a true plug in experience and have expansion capabilities designed in.

Designed for modified and OEM+ vehicles that have exceeded the stock ECU but still ideal as a replacement on a vehicle with a failed stock ECU. 

Optional Functions: ​

  • Hall Sensors

  • External PWM devices

  • On board ignition drivers

  • On board LSU4.9 wideband control

  • Dual Channel knock detection

  • Dual Electronic Throttle (or E-wastegate)

  • Boost control


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