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Our Products

Here you can find our range of FOME based ECUs, handy problem solvers and custom motorsport parts developed by FutureProofPerformance

FOME, ECU, Stand alone, MicroRusefi


4 Cylinder Ultra Compact wire in ECU.
Designed for 4 cylinder and simpler installs. 

Prices from £350

FOME, ECU, Stand alone, BMW Plug and Play ECU

M50tu/M60 plug and play

New for 2023, BMW M50 single vanos and M60 V8 plug and play ECU. 

Accepting Pre-orders - From £650

FOME, ECU, Stand alone, BMM, Beer Money Motorsport, Miata ECU

 Miata/MX5 plug and play

Miata/MX-5 plug and play ECUs in association with BeerMoneyMotorsport

Contact BMM for pricing 

Ignition Module, FOME, Ignition Driver, ECU

Ignition Drivers

Ignition Modules to support non-smart coils on all versions of our ECUs.

FOME, ECU, Stand alone, BMW M52tu M54 ECU

M52tu/M54 plug and play

M52 Dual Vanos and M54 plug and play - Coming Soon

Pre-Orders coming soon

FOME, ECU, Stand alone,  Lloyds Specialist Developments, 4CU ECU

Rover plug and play

Worlds first 4CU replacement plug and play ECU, produced in association with LloydsSpecialistDevelopments 

Contact Lloyds for pricing

FOME, ECU, Stand alone, Proteus


12 Cylinder wire in ECU. 

This is the largest ECU we offer, an extremely capable unit intended for advanced applications. 

Prices from £440

FOME, ECU, Stand alone, BMW M52 ECU

M52 plug and play

M52 single vanos Siemens plug and play - coming soon

Due Summer 2023


112pin Universal 

112pin 8 cylinder universal ECU.
On board ignition drivers and dual wideband lambda sensors for a true all in one solution.

Coming 2024

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