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All of our ECUs are now powered by, a new user and reliability focused opensource ECU firmware.
Check below for details of it's feature set.

  • Up to 12 cylinder support*

  • Over 50 crank patterns supported.

  • MAP, TPS or MAF sensors supported in Speed Density, AlphaN and MAF air charge.

  • Multi-dimensional VE and ignition mapping:

  • Modify VE and timing with user configurable inputs.  

  • Don't just switch maps, blend them with up to 4 modifiers at once.

  • Configurable PWM outputs to support Water-Meth, NOS or any other external PWM devices.

  • Built in bench test mode makes checking outputs easy.

  • VVT cam control - fully variable and on/off with the ability to alter VE and ignition to suit

  • Multi speed CANBUS support.

  • Full Electronic Throttle support – Redundant signals and fail safe system

  • Knock detection - Frequency specific and windowed to crank angle.

  • Native USB support - No Serial converters required.

  • Open and closed loop boost control.

  • Closed loop idle control – via ETB, solenoid valve or stepper motor.

  • Closed loop fuel control with short term fuel trims.

  • Flex-fuel support with variable boost, VE and timing based on Ethanol content.

  • User configurable limits and engine protections.

  • Native LUA scripting enables small user created custom programs and algorithms to run natively on the ECU.

  • Completely open source: review, add to or copy the source code.


*On ECU models able to support the required ignition and injection hardware.

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