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Our smallest ECU, designed for simple installs, 4 cylinders and applications where space is at a premium. 

  • 4x Injector outputs

  • 4x Ignition outputs

  • 10x Analogue inputs

  • 4x Temperature Inputs

  • ETB Driver

  • CANBUS capable

  • 6x PWM outputs

  • 2x AUX control pins

  • VR and Hall capable

  • Native USB support - No serial converter required

  • Supports every feature of the FOME firmware with only hardware limitations - No artificial product segregation and no pay to play software features


Bare unit (Comes with crimp on plug kit) - £350
Pigtail wiring loom - £30

Waterproof USB through case - £15

Ignition modules for dumb ignition coils - See here

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