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M52tu and M54 plug in ECU

The FPP M52tu and M54 plug and play ECU is designed to provide users with all the required hardware to run the late M5x dual vanos inline 6 engines using the OEM BMW wiring loom. 
Able to utilise all the features of the FOME firmware and providing auxiliary connectors to allow for common upgrades like boost control, electric cooling fans and even water meth injection.

This plug in ECU may be the ultimate solution for modified E46, Z3, Z4 and E39 BMWs.

  • Supports all the features of the M50 version

  • Designed to work with all factory systems on the E46

  • Capable of vehicle speed input from ABS and CAN dashboard control

  • Additional IO to support common modifications

Undergoing testing and will be available to pre-order soon.

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