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Mazda MX-5/Miata 01-05

This direct plug in ECU has been tailor made for the 2001 to 2005 NB MX-5.

Created as a collaborative effort between BeerMoneyMotorsport and FPP these plug and play mazda ECUs are quickly gaining reputation as some of the best in the market. 
Provided by BeerMoneyMotorsports in the USA, FPP is proud to be able to offer them to our customers and act as the UK dealer.​

Supplied in the billet aluminium cases that have become a hallmark of the quality of these units, these plug and play ECUs support the full feature set provided by the firmware and are direct plug and play for all 1990 to 1995 MX-5/Miata and some other mazda models.

Full support for the standard mazda sensors including the stock AFM 

On board LSU4.9 wideband control

AUX IO connectors for:

Electronic Throttle Drivers (or E-wastegate)

Boost control


Hall Sensors

External PWM devices

Designed for modified and OEM+ vehicles that have exceeded the stock ECU

Further information available from BeerMoneyMotorsport or enquire here. 

Pre-orders open now, prices starting at £650

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