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New BMW plug and play ECUs

This year we have been pretty quiet and some of that is a result of working hard getting new products developed. Two of said products are a new pair of BMW ECUs designed to plug into the OEM wiring looms and provide all the advanced features of our wire in units without the hassle.

Both of these units have all the software features of our most advanced ECU and expand the vehicles original wiring loom via a series of additional expansion connectors. They are also the first units we have offered capable of accepting an LSU 4.9 wideband sensor directly controlled by the ECU.

The applications we targeted for our first releases are some of the most popular BMW engines for swap, turbocharging and just simple resto-mod upgrades.

Both of these new units are ideal for lightly modified BMWs, for when a full wire in stand alone is too much but the stock ECU cannot keep up.


This unit is designed to replace the Bosch M3.3 and M3.3.1 ecus on the M50tu with vanos and the M60 V8 engines fitted to many 3, 5 and 7 series vehicles. The unit is designed to run everything on the standard engine and provide expansion capabilities for things like electronic throttle, wideband, CAN bus and boost controllers or additional sensors.


The second unit we have done replaces the Siemens MS42 and MS43 ECU used on the M52tu dual vanos engine and the M54. This unit should provide compatibility with E46, E39, Z3 and Z4. Packing similar features to the M50/M60 unit this one is designed to provide true plug and play compatibility with the OEM engine, ETB control is built in and there is no compromise made when it comes to control of the Vanos or accessory engine systems. Just like the other unit the M52/tu/M54 unit provides additional dual H bridge outputs, CAN bus for the dashboard of the E46 and external systems, additional analog inputs and PWM outputs for things like boost control.

When designing both ECUs we decided that quality is king and we wanted them to meet automotive industry standards wherever possible and provide parts they our customers could rely on. Our new base board + Brain Board architecture meant we could choose the most appropriate PCB type for each board, with the sophisticated brain board using a 4 layer PCB and the base board using an extra tough 2oz copper board to handle the thermal stresses and easily cope with the current and voltage requirements. On top of that the ICs on the boards are chosen for reliability and suitability to the demands of the automotive environment, to that end nearly all the ICs are fully certified for automotive use and only branded, protected output drivers have been used.

Once both of these Plug and Play units have passed our rigorous QC and testing we will be listing them on the website. Right now the M50tu/M60 version just passed final testing while the M52tu/M54 unit is up and running on our E46 test mule. Both of these units will be available soon and pre-orders are being accepted.

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