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M50 single vanos and M60 V8

Our new for 2023 plug and play ECU for M50 I6 and M60 V8 applications. 
Packing a host of advanced features provided by the FOME firmware and with all the required hardware to plug directly into the OEM BMW wiring loom, the FPP M50tu/M60 plug and play ECU is the ultimate solution for modified E36, E34 and E32

  • Supports full feature set of FOME firmware

  • Direct plug and play to M50 single vanos and M60 V8 engines

  • On board ignition drivers

  • On board LSU4.9 wideband control

  • Dual Channel knock detection

  • AUX IO connectors for:

  • Dual Electronic Throttle (or E-wastegate)

  • Boost control


  • Hall Sensors

  • External PWM devices

  • Designed for modified and OEM+ vehicles that have exceeded the stock ECU

Pre-orders open now, prices starting at £650

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