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121pin universal 8 cylinder ECU

This unit will eventually replace the Proteus as the go-to high feature FPP ECU. While 'only'  being intended for 8 cylinder applications this ECU packs more hardware than the Proteus ever could. 
See below for the full list of hardware capabilities. 

Making use of the time proven VW/Audi 121pin connector and coming in an OEM style case this universal ECU is more than capable of anything our customers can throw at it.

12x low power low side drivers - 3 amp capable and perfect for fuel injectors, relays and other PWM tasks

8x onboard ignition drivers - connected to 16 pins to allow easy wasted spark wiring we have also mirrored the 5v activation to 8 pins to allow direct connection of smart coils

11x Analogue and 4x temperature inputs - The full complement provided by the polygonus brain board

Dual ETB Drivers - Intended to cope with cross ram V engine manifolds, supercharger bypass valves, VGTs or electronic wastegates.

8x High current lowside outputs - Able to provide up to 7 amps, these can run a lot of high power devices directly and are all PWM capable having onboard flyback diodes

CANBUS capable with two can transceivers able to operate at different speeds for compatibility with the most complex modern vehicles 

Dual on board VR sensor interfaces

6x digital inputs able to work with on/off signals and hall sensors (some frequency based sensors are supported)

Dual onboard wideband - Available as an optional extra, onboard support for two LSU 4.9 sensors 

Native USB support - No serial converter required

Supports every feature of the FOME firmware with only hardware limitations - No artificial product segregation and no pay to play software features

Prices from £750 

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