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Seat Time - Round 2

Updated: Sep 7, 2022

The last post of our 3 part coverage of round 2, this time our drivers thoughts on the weekend.

After a few tweeks we had the e30 set up great and practice was going well, we had some decent twining practice with some great drivers, then just before practice finished on a full power transition the steering adapter snapped sending the car into a spin and the wheel into the bumper and inner wing!!

A slightly doggy recovery and we were back in the pits. After a short head scratch we decided fitting the old hub adapters and eye balling the toe adjustment was the only option.

Heading into my first qualifying run with no practice I initiated into first corner with the wand then realised how utterly usless my car used to be, no steering and super stiff.

A good clutch kick kinda got the car to the clip and I manged to pull out a reasonable start to the run.

Half way around Luna, a quick shift up to 4th and the car gripped up and sent me into the dirt resulting in a zero 🙃.

Second run I just gave it full send but at the shift up to 4th the LH driveshaft snapped and the diff output aon the other side as well. Result: no drive and another zero!

We still gained some valuable info and had a great time.

Going back to the old steering set up was an eye opener, it just showed how bad things are without the benefit our recent geometry changes.

So back to the mad lab for some upgrades before round 3 at driftland this weekend.

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