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Known as MRE the Micro rusEFI is the smallest unit from rusEFI project. Despite its small size and low cost it packs some serious features.

  • Primary VR or Hall input 

  • Secondary Hall input

  • x4 analog thermistor (temperature) inputs

  • x10 analog voltage inputs (0-5v)

  • x4 high-Z injector outputs

  • x2 high-current low side outputs for IAC/VVT/other solenoids

  • Dedicated main relay control output

  • x4 low-current low side outputs for relays or warning lights

  • x4 5v logic level ignition outputs

  • x2 5v/12v configurable logic level outputs (requires internal changes)

  • Electronic throttle body 

  • CAN connectivity 

    ECU and Connector kits from - £320 

    Please contact us and we will guide you towards the best solution for your needs.

IGBT ignition driver kits

Used for driving standard (non-smart) coils from the FPP ECUs. 
High quality kit using genuine AMP connectors and the same proven ignition modules we use in our own cars. 
Can be used to drive COP coils or wasted spark coils.

Provided with both connectors and heat sink - £40

Pigtail Looms

Ready made short looms with all pins populated for connecting to the MRE.
These are a real time saver and ideal for those who do not want to crimp their own connectors. 
Simply connect this to the existing loom and plug your MRE in with no fuss.



Low Impedance
Injector Driver

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