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FPP and rusEFI on the dyno

The ramp up to the 2022 season means lots of work in the background making improvements and prepping the car. In previous years the team have struggled with reliability from engine issues, pushing this hard on a late 70's design is no easy feat and the decision to move to rusEFI was all about leveraging the advanced features and data logging to bring things under greater control. For 2022 the motor has been stripped, inspected and refreshed, an ETB fitted and some fuel system upgrades after a failed fuel pressure regulator made 2021 harder than it needed to be.

With the car all freshened up it was time to hit the dyno at Lloyds Specialist Developments for some much needed time on the rollers to get things dialled in. With 4 hours on the rollers and some valuable input from Daniel Lloyd we were able to touch up our VE map, spent some time making careful ignition adjustments and finally some transient tuning work adjusting the acceleration enrichment features of the Proteus ECU. The end result? 50hp extra free we never expected and most importantly quiet measurements from our knock sensors and peak EGTs around 750 degC. Heres hoping this work will be able to turn things around and cracked pistons are not a news topic in 2022. Time to get ready for the 3rd April when we get to put those 450whp to work.

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