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Pembrey Results

As we headed out for practice with our new front end steering and geometry setup it was a hairy entry to the first corner. With no front end grip I hurtled towards the cones and onto the grass! Next we faced issues with the electronic throttle body... resulting with intermittent throttle! With most of our practice time eaten up with getting the issues resolved, we headed out for the last 5 minutes of practice to try and complete at least 1 good run!

After a tentative entry we managed to pull off the second of our two qualifying laps to put us in 21st position.

We then went into top 32 battle against Aron Rothwell in his v12 compact taking the win!

Onto the top 16 battle against Mathew Steele... tough battle but again we take the win!

Now our top 8 battle against Karl Farrar, very close battle until I got lost in the smoke and sent the tyre bail flying, wheels off track, giving Karl the win.

Huge thanks to our main sponsor WF Supplies who confirmed there commitment for 2022 with a pallet of new zestino control tyres.

An excellent start to the season, with some more tweeks we will be ready for round 2!

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