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Round 5 seat time

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

So here we are at 3 sisters for the final round @driftleaguegb, were currently sitting in 7th position!

We head out for some wet practice laps and find the car really sketchy, we head back to the pits for some adjustments which are only helping a little. The car seems to reach a certain angle or suspension load then spin!

We try some more adjustments to tire pressure and damper settings as the track is nearly dry but again only slightly helping the sudden oversteer!

We head out for our 1st qualifying lap, as i sat on the start line my heart felt like it was punching me in the throat! we set of to the first corner and boom a spin and a 0 leaving it all up to the 2nd qualifying run, sending it perfectly through the first few clips i then headed into luna for the final corner and a shift up to 4th gear, i clipped the final clipping cone and ran wide!

As we waited for the qualifying results to arrive i was not sure we had done enough! This was confirmed by the end of calls for qualifying not including my name! I had run to wide and had 2 wheels of track oh and deposited my bumper right in front of the judges!!

Since the issues we had with the car we have had time to check over the suspension and geo, we found that after fitting spacers to the rear shocks at driftland the adjusters had been smashing there way through the inner arches and no doubt been causing the sudden oversteer when the shocks bottomed out on the bodywork. Even the slightest of changes to these things can obviously have massive effects to the handling!

There will be another post coming soon for a season review and our first drift matsuri event which was pretty wild!

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