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Season Review 2022

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

With an exciting start to the season at Pembrey and a top 8!

We then had a hub adapter failure at the next round and a pair of driveshafts snap on the 1st and only qualifying run at Driftland!

Round 4 and we headed back to Pembrey with the whole family in tow for an excellent weekend and our first podium!

Then finally to 3 sisters where we had handling issues that were later discovered in the workshop!

If you want to see each and every round in more detail check out the blog.

With the season done and dusted the car is back in the workshop currently undergoing a full suspension and steering over hall, this will include some upgrades and replacement of many bent components!

We will also be fitting an updated a stronger roll cage to keep up with the rules and regs.

We are so happy for the support of our sponsors this year so big thanks to;

Especially WF Supplies who have now been our tyre supplier for the past 6 years, the new acrova hards have sure made a difference to our performance and handling this year. We will be doing a demo at there hq in andover so watch out for this new year!

Also DY Engines for help advice and expert machining, even Dave Yandall must be surprised our M20 Turbo has done a whole season without any major issues!

Keith @vinylskins for his help stickering the car back together, will certainly be needing a refresh next year!

Jamie @RPM England for top advise and being on hand to string line the car and get some base settings before the start of the season and keep things dialed in well until matsuri which we didnt need a string line to see the wheels weren't straight!

Lloyds Specialist Developments for top tuning advise and letting us loose on the dyno!

Simon @ FPP for attending every round and a huge number of evenings to get the e30 performing like we know she can!

Luke @Tytheringhton body and paint for Again repairing the bumpers and panel work which gets deposited at race tracks around the country! Honestly if you get chance to see the rainbow flake paint its an insane finish!

Paul Duckworth who attended the final round and took some excellent shots of the car on and off track!

None of this would have been possible without the help from Paul Mundy our number 1 pit bitch and evening mechanic who has been with the team from the start and knows his way round the e30 better than most!

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