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Trax Silverstone

Sunday 10th saw us attending Trax show at Silverstone to take part in the drift demos and show off our new ECU hardware. We loaded the car up and set off Saturday afternoon in the scorching sunshine, arriving at Silverstone around 5 with a couple of finishing touches to make. The liberal use of the fire extinguisher at Castle Combe had come back to bite us and the plug for the coolant temperature sensor had corroded causing a inconsistent reading, a quick bit of plug swapping while Ian was setting up the Gazebo and getting things out of the van and we are all set with only the oil to top up. The oil that we didn't actually have.... Luckily Axle Hildebrand was also booked in for the demos with his rotary powered corvette and had brought some of his Driven Racing oil up for us, a fill up, leak check and we were set to go for Sunday.

6:30AM Sunday and the rest of the grid began to roll in, the demos were booked out with 36 cars in attendance and a packed pitlane. Thanks to our extra Gazebo space we gained another E30 for the weekend, a very rapid N54 powered car belonging to Matt Walker.

By the start of the first session temperatures had warmed up and ambient temperatures were well into the high 20s. The open pitlane format was a brilliant chance to do a little testing on the car, gather some data and play around with the knock control on the FOME ECU. We got some great data during the sessions that allowed us to confirm a few suspicions about the car, we will be using this new info to make a few changes to the car which we will cover in future updates.

On the last lap of the 3rd session Ian brought the car back in with a slight idle misfire, we were only a couple of minutes from the end of the session so we decided to call it a day there, deciding to have a look at the misfire later. After packing up and towing the car home we took a quick look without finding anything obvious, compression is good an all cylinders, ECU data logs show everything was doing it's job so it looks like we just have a normal uninteresting misfire. While we put some hours in checking coil packs and changing spark plugs, we will leave you with a gallery of some great images taken by Wik Media and Lewis Thomas Media.

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